The Importance of Elastics During Orthodontic Treatment

elastics Richmond va orthodontistAt Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics of Virginia, we stress the importance of wearing elastics during orthodontic treatment. During the course of orthodontic treatment, a patient with braces may have to wear elastic rubber bands to help correct their malocclusion. For some patients, elastics are worn toward the end of braces treatment to put the final ‘squeeze’ on their almost perfect smile. Elastics are often an essential part of most orthodontic cases and we encourage patients to wear them exactly as the orthodontist instructs.

Elastics Use

There are different sizes and strengths of elastics. Your orthodontist will show you where to place your elastics and determine how long you will wear them. If you doctor tells you to wear your elastics 24/7 then this means they should be IN your mouth except for eating and brushing. Your consistency and dedication to this part of the treatment directly correlates to how long you will need to wear them. Elastics worn as prescribed will not cause as much discomfort since your teeth will move quickly and stay where they need to be.

Wearing elastics inconsistently can actually cause your orthodontic treatment to last longer. Inconsistent use causes teeth to become resistant to movement increasing the duration of treatment.

Elastics Are An Important Step In Bite Correction

The goal of your orthodontic treatment is a beautiful straight smile, but the proper bite or alignment of the teeth is vital to the function of your long-term oral health. Elastics work in conjunction with your braces to apply a gentle constant force to pull your teeth into their final and perfect alignment.

A proper bite is the foundation of a beautiful smile. At PDOVA, we specialize in finding the right balance for your mouth and face, and give you a smile that will be healthy for life. Strict adherence to your orthodontist’s instructions will allow you to enjoy your beautiful smile even sooner. Let us know if you have any questions about the treatment that we have prescribed for you. Call us today at 804.739.0963.


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