Why Choose Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics of Virginia?

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We make it our mission to provide our patients with outstanding dental and orthodontic care in a fun and compassionate environment. Our goal is to give patients the confidence that comes with a healthy, straight and radiant smile! Our dual private practice, specializing in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, as well as adult orthodontics, allows us to provide a variety of treatments and services.

Our dynamic team is committed to building long lasting relationships with parents and patients, and this truly sets us apart! We genuinely look forward to seeing each of our patients, and strive to ensure that every visit is a great experience. Schedule an appointment today to find out what makes our practice a great place for smiles to grow up!


We are truly excited to be celebrating 55 years of service. It has been such an honor to serve our community with personalized, health-centered dentistry, and we thank all of our patients for putting their trust in us.

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55 years

Thousands of patients use Dental Insider to find a TRUSTED dentist based on patient satisfaction and PDOVA has been selected as the BEST of Colonial Heights! We would like to thank our community and patients for supporting PDOVA with your wonderful online reviews! We look forward to reaching and helping more people receive the dental care they deserve as a result of this award!

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Family Friendly

Our office is a warm and welcoming environment for both parents and children. We build lasting relationships with you and your child. We offer complete care for your child from birth to braces.

2 Convenient Offices for Busy Parents

We proudly serve the Richmond area with two convenient locations in Midlothian and Colonial Heights. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Experienced and Compassionate Doctors

Our warm, caring and attentive dental and orthodontic team provide a wide range of dental and orthodontic treatments to ensure that your child will develop and maintain beautiful, healthy teeth. With proper and consistent dental treatment, we can not only help to prevent cavities in the future, but also teach your child good habits that will last them a lifetime!

Award Winning Practice with 50+ Years of Experience

We have been providing dental and orthodontic care to our community for 56 years. Our practice was selected as the very first “top dentists” when Virginia Living Magazine started this feature, and we continue to be recognized as top dentists every year.

Innovative Technology

Our office uses the safest materials and techniques available for our patients. We keep our technology current with the latest in dental industry news and groundbreaking treatments. With modern technology, we can improve your child’s oral health like never before!

Conservative Treatment Philosophy

Our doctors support minimally invasive techniques and procedures that preserve the function and structure of your child’s teeth. This is why we place a high value on early prevention and educating our patients and parents on strategies to prevent damage and tooth decay.

Comprehensive Care at All Ages

Our bi-speciality practice allows us to watch our patients grow and witness their smiles transform over the years. We treat your child from the time they are infants until they get their braces, and beyond.

Focus on Community Involvement

We believe in the importance of our community, and love to get involved any chance we get! Over the years we have completed many Mission of Mercy trips in areas all over and will continue to participate in the future. We also participate in Give Kids a Smile.



Dr. Meera A. Gokli

Pediatric Dentist


Dr. Steven Lubbe

Pediatric Dentist


As you can see, the proof is in the photos! Our patients are seeing fantastic results from their treatments with Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. Let us bring confidence to your teen through a perfect smile!

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